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I know I was all “omg no fingerprints” yesterday, but did I mention hiw genuinely fucking repulsive it is to touch things with those fingers? My hair feels like a scrunched up garbage bag, my curtains feel like an unsanded 2x4, my skin feels like dried leather, it’s actually literally nauseating. I want to put bandaids back on just so I don’t have to touch things.

Computer is updating at an inopportune time. I need to check messenger to find out plans for tonight but I want to put on pyjamas and read the book thief and work on my munro scarf, but I also have homework I need to do for tomorrow morning but I really don’t want to do that.

If only…

I still have 8 flawless fingerprints and the 2 flawed ones are mostly fine, like if you fingerprinted me you could get an ID (if I were in the system), but there are very fine lines where there shouldn’t be that are barely visible but are really screwing with my perception- instead of being able to distinguish between rough skin/smooth surface, everything feels like sandpaper.

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